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Those items emit the smell through a process known as off gassing as polyvinyl chloride was used in almost all new car interiors in ..So until offgassing is reduced a lot more, it s up to consumers to be vigilant. The best way to cope with offgassing is to keep the car well ventilated, both when it s .Even after a car has offgassed the worst of its chemical odors, Toxic at Any Speed from the Michigan Ecology Center recommends frequent cleaning of car interiors to remove chemicals which continue to be released and then settle on interior surfaces.. Essentially off gassing is exactly what it sounds like. There are chemicals in all of our manufactured products and some of them are released in the form of a gas as the products settle in. You re probably familiar with the “new car smell” and that is actually caused by off gassing..

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    Off Gassing Interiors of New Cars. While this would certainly reduce the ambient concentration of chemicals released from the car interior, I worry that driving on busy multi lane highways with the windows wide open trades poor quality interior air for poor quality exterior air. The car is off gassing so badly that o have parked it in .

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    Is That ‘New Car Smell’ Toxic? A new study suggests that new car smell comes from toxic chemicals off gassing in a car’s interior.

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    Car Buying Articles. Could That New Car Smell Be Toxic? relevance of the study and of the general assertion that off gassing from any interior .

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    “New car smell” is a concoction of tens or hundreds of chemicals that off gas from different car parts. One of the materials that plays a big role is vinyl, also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl contains a chemical that off gases and causes “fogging” on the inside of the windshield..